Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ginger Wasabiyaki Tuna


6-8 oz Ahi #1 from Cleavers

Cleavers Brand Olive Oil

1 bottle Cleavers Ginger Wasabiyaki Sauce

Baby Romaine – chopped and washed

Broccoli – cut and washed

Sushi Chef Pickled Ginger

Cashews, almonds and Brazil nuts (use anything you have on hand)

Organic Colored Carrots from Cleavers – cut and washed

Cleavers Sriracha Sauce


Preheat your grill to High. Lightly oil and season tuna with salt and pepper then sear until your desired degree of doneness is achieved then set aside. In large sauté pan sauté over high heat the broccoli, carrots, and nuts. I barely sauté my vegetables so they are just barely warm, this way they retain more vitamins and minerals. When vegetables are done, slice your tuna then compose your salad finishing with Ginger Wasabiyaki Sauce, sel gris, pickled ginger and fresh cracked pepper. I prefer heat with mine so I add red pepper flakes or srirracha.

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